(V)  - Vegetarian



Edamame (V)       £4.50
boiled green beans with pinch of salt

Spicy edamame (V)       £4.90
boiled green beans with garlic and chilli sauce

Shrimp Avocado salad       £6.90
mixed green salad, shrimp, avocado served with white miso dressing

Horrenso Gomae (V)       £6.50
boiled spinach with white sesame paste

Green asparagus (V)      £6.90
grilled asparagus with yuzu ponzu sauce

Saute pak choi (V)      £4.90
boiled pak choi with yuzu miso ponzu

Kaiso salad (V)      £5.90
assorted seaweed marinated in sesame puree sauce

Salmon salad      £7.90
deep fried salmon slice on green salad with house miso dressing

Beef salad       £8.90
grilled beef brisket slices on green salad with ponzu dressing

Tuna tartare       £9.50
chopped tuna and avocado topping with egg yolk, served with wasabi ponzu sauce





Tempura  (battered & deep fried)


Prawns 5pcs      £10.90
Soft shell crab      £11.50
Mixed      £12.90

Vegetable (V)      £8.90



Yaki Gyoza  (dumplings 5pcs)


Chicken      £5.20

Pork      £6.20

Prawn      £7.20

Vegetable (V)     £4.90



Agedashi Tofu (V)        £5.20
deep fried tofu with sweet soy sauce

Chicken Yakitori        £5.90
3pcs chicken on skewers with teriyaki sauce 

Crispy Prawn       £8.70
crunch rice noodles and prawns, kimchi, red onion and kimchi mayo on top

Kimchi Pancake (V)      £8.90

Korean kimchi in starch-based batter and pan fried, served with sour soy sauce

Seafood Pancake      £9.50

mixed seafood and spring onion in starch-based batter and pan fried

Kanpoongi       £8.90
deep fried lightly battered chicken stir fried with sweet chilli sauce

Kanpoon Prawn      £9.80
deep fried battered king prawns stir fried with sweet chilli sauce

Fried Cauliflower (V)     £7.90
Fried Cauliflower coated with sweet spicy sauce, diced watermelon on top

Tebasaki      £6.50
Japanese style fried chicken wings


Spicy Wings      £6.50
fried chicken wings with Korean chilli sauce

Chicken Karaage      £6.90
deep fried Japanese style chicken bite, served with lemon and mayo

Kari Kari Squid       £6.90
deep fried squid with spicy ponzu sauce

Mushroom Mori (V)      £7.20
Stir fried mixed mushrooms with truffle yuzu miso, with chive and sesame

Yaki Aubergine (V)       £6.50
a half sized aubergine grilled with Japanese sweet miso paste




SUSHI ROLLS   (8pcs)


Kingston       £11.80
crab stick, cucumber, avocado, prawn tempura, spicy mayo, Tobikko, spring onion


Hand Flower       £10.80
crab stick, cucumber, avocado, prawn tempura, sesame, house special mayo sauce


Richmond      £11.80
Philadelphia cheese, avocado, cucumber, slice of salmon and tuna on top


Crunch       £9.80
crab stick, avocado, prawn tempura, breadcrumbs on top


California       £7.50
avocado, cucumber, crab stick, The original sushi roll


Spider       £11.80
soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber, topping with tobikko


Spicy Tuna        £9.80
chopped tuna mixed with chilli powder and chilli sauce, topping with tobikko


Dancing Shrimp      £10.80
crab stick, avocado, prawn tempura and sushi shrimp


Dragon        £10.80
crab stick, avocado, cucumber, sliced eel on the top


Volcano grilled       £12.80
shrimp, cucumber, avocado, crab stick, scallop, baked with spicy tobikko mayo sauce


Lion King grilled        £12.80
salmon, cucumber, avocado, crab stick, eel, baked with house wasabi mayo sauce


Go Go Tokyo grilled        £12.80
octopus, cucumber, avocado, crab stick baked with house mayo sauce, tobikko on top



Nigiri  (2pcs sliced fish with sushi rice ball)


Salmon      £3.80

Tuna       £4.50

Shrimp      £3.80
Eel       £4.80
Tobikko      £4.90



Sashimi  (3pcs sliced raw fish)


Salmon       £5.80
Tuna       £6.50



Temaki  (cone-shaped hand roll)


Salmon & avocado       £4.50

Tuna & avocado       £4.90

Soft shell crab & cucumber       £5.50

Shrimp tempura & avocado       £5.20



Maki  (6pcs thin rolls)


Salmon       £3.90

Tuna        £4.50

Cucumber (V)       £3.50

Avocado (V)        £3.60





Salmon platter      £17.90
3pcs sashimi, 4pcs nigiri and 6pcs hosomaki

Tuna platter      £18.90
3pcs sashimi, 4pcs nigiri and 6pcs hosomaki

Tuna and salmon platter       £24.90
6pcs mixed sashimi, 4pcs nigiri and 12pcs hosomaki

Deluxe platter       £59.00
8pcs mixed nigiri, 6pcs mixed sashimi,
salmon maki, tuna maki, cucumber maki 6pcs each,
salmon avocado, dragon, hand flower, spider roll 4pcs each





Bulgogi Ssam Set (grilled sliced marinated meat with lettuce leaves)
Beef Bulgogi      £16.50
Spicy Pork Bulgogi      £15.50
Spicy Chicken Bulgogi      £14.50


Beef Ribeye Steak       £19.90
10oz thick cut tender ribeye steak served with vegetables

Tea Smoked Lamb       £19.50
spicy miso, caramelized aubergine & chives

LA Galbi        £16.50
marinated beef short ribs & king oyster mushrooms

King prawns        £16.50
4pcs king prawns grilled with mayo sauce

Grilled calamari        £15.50
lightly grilled whole squid marinated in spicy sauce

Sea bass       £18.50
grilled with teriyaki sauce, asparagus and pak choi on the side

Black Cod and Truffle Sweet Potato         £27.50
grilled black cod with yuzu miso dressing, served with sweet potato chips





Traditional Japanese grilled dish with soya based sweet Teriyaki sauce


Chicken £10.50
Beef £15.50
Salmon £13.50
Unagi Eel £22.50





Breaded and deep fried cutlet served with rice and stir fried vegetables


Chicken £9.50
Pork £9.80
Chicken Katsu Curry £11.50
Pork Katsu Curry £11.80




Donburi  (Japanese rice dish)

consisting of egg, fish or meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice


Chicken Katsu £11.50
Pork Katsu £11.90
Tempura £12.90
Eel (without egg and veg) £14.90




Bi-Bim-Bab  (Korean rice dish)

consisting of mixed seasonal Vegetables, fried egg

and simmered together In heated stone bowl, mix with sweet chilli sauce


Chicken £9.90
Beef £10.50
Mixed seafood £11.90
Tofu (V) £9.50




Yaki Udon noodles
stir fried Japanese white thick noodles with


Chicken £10.50
Beef £10.90
Mixed seafood £12.90
Vegetable (V) £9.90




Yaki Soba noodles

stir fried Japanese thin noodles with


Chicken £9.50
Beef £9.90
Mixed seafood £11.90
Vegetable (V) £9.00




Ramen noodle soup
ramen, vegetable, egg in Japanese Miso stock


Chicken £9.50
Beef £9.90
Duck £10.90
Mixed seafood £11.90




Udon noodle soup
Udon, vegetable, fishcake, fried Tofu in soup


Chicken Katsu £11.50
Pork Katsu £11.90
Tempura £12.90
Tofu (V) £10.50





Kimchi stew        £10.50
kimchi, pork, tofu in spicy soup served with bowl of rice

Soft tofu stew        £11.50
spicy soup with tofu mixed seafood with egg and served with bowl of rice

Beef short rib soup        £12.50
beef short rib and vegetable in beef broth served with bowl of rice

Bulgogi pot (table cooking)         £30.50
marinated slice beef with tofu, mixed mushrooms and potato noodles in beef broth

Seafood pot (table cooking)        £38.50
crab, octopus, mussels, potato noodles, tofu, mixed vegetables in spicy seafood broth

Sukiyaki pot (table cooking)        £32.50
a delicious combination of thinly sliced beef, tofu, vegetable and u-don noodles all
simmered together in sweet soy based soup, one of Japanese national culinary treasure





Steamed rice (V)       £2.90

Chicken stir fried rice      £4.20

Beef stir fried rice      £4.50

Prawn stir fried rice       £5.50

Kimchi stir fried rice       £4.90

Egg stir fried rice       £3.90

Miso soup (V)       £1.80

Curry sauce (V)       £2.80

Crispy dry seaweed (V)      £1.90

Kimchi (V)       £3.00





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